Franchesca Cubillo - Archibald Salon des Refusés 2017

Franchesca Cubillo

198x137cm, Oil on Linen

S H Ervin Gallery, Sydney     29 July - 15 October, 2017

From John McDonald’s review of the 2017 Salon des Refusés...

There are few more capable portraitists in Australia than Mathew Lynn, who seems to be bounced in and out of the Archibald depending on what quota of relatively traditional painters they are allowing. This year, Paul Newton, Robert and Tsering Hannaford made the cut, and Lynn missed out, but his portrait of curator, Franchesca Cubillo, is one of the most striking pictures in this year’s Refusés. It may seem as if Lynn has never gotten over Velázquez, but what’s wrong with that?